Definition of photography
How camera works
Jpeg vs raw
What is focal length & Type of lens
No flash mode & Portrait & landscape mode
Basic elements of photography
Limitation of auto mode
What is exposure triangle
What is aperture
How is aperture measured
What are creative & functional roles of aperture
What is DOF
Genereal aperture settting for shallow and wide DOF .
Learn to shoot in Av mode .
How to adjust focus points manually
9 Rules of composition video
What is shutter speed
How is shutter speed measured
What is creative and functional role of photography
Shutter speed general guidelines
What is one shot & ai servo
How to shoot in continous mode
What is Iso
How is ISO measured
General guidelines on ISO
What is metering ?
How to achieve right balance of aperture , shutter and iso
Beginner settings
What are different types of metering
Partial and spot metering
What is rule of 1/3 rd in composition
What is white balance ?
What is picture style
How to shoot using in built camera
tips on how to shoot travel , landscape , street, Nature , wilflide photos.
tips on how to click portrait photos
tips on how to do night photography
tips on how to shoot moving subjects photos


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