Level 1 course details

Course Highlights
Understand and become the master of your dSLR & mirrorless cameras
Enchance your creative skills to shoot any given topics from Nature to candid pics
Learn & understand how can a external Flash take you to the next level of photography
Learn to how to Post Process and edit hundreds of images at a single click
Learn how to color grade your pictures and give them your unique style.
Build a strong foundation technically, creatively & commercially as a candid photographer
Understand how to quote your clients and deliver them surprising result

Course Content:

Basic course syllabus Advance course syllabus :

External flash

What is external flash and what are the benefits of using external fash
What is ttl & manual flash
How to buy flash , what is guide no ?
What are flash sync settings ?
Understand the basic controls of flash
Role of aperture and iso in flash
Learn to aim flash directly on subjects

Advance Flash

Use of flash diffuser
Use of flash in built reflector
Learn how to bounce flash off walls and ceilings
Use of flash grids and flash gels.
Flash Settings tips for wedding group photos and candid photography

Post process

Why editing is important
Understand editing software navigation controls and basic workflow.
Learn to select images and organise your library
Learn how to crop and fine tune your exposure
Learn how to export for print or web uses

Adjust white balance
Fix highlight and shadows
Adjust colors tones and specific color tones
Do color grading for cinematic effect
Adding vignettes to images
Use of gradation and brush tools
Use of spot removal tool
Edit multiples images
Create your own preset
Learn to Export in different formats
Learn to add your own water
Adding vignettes to images marks
Doubts and problem solving

Candid photography

What is candid photography
Which lens are most suitable for candid photography
How to plan your candid photography in advance
Tips on shooting creative photos in weddding or event photography
Deliver the best , discard the rest


What is refector and what are its uses
Different surfaces of reflectors and their uses
How to bounce natural using reflector
How can you create your own reflector at home.
Do 's and dont 's of reflector in portrait photography


Understand the significance of Quality , Cost , Delivery .
Learn how to calculate your assigment expenses and give a best quotation to a client
Learn how to speculate your project time and how to control the quality of your assignment output
Tips on how can you brand your own business
freelance or business ? Which is better and why ?
Know how to get business leads and maximise your sales.


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