Students’ Say!

Srinivas (Mumbai)
Advance Level 2
“FTP is a like a family to me. For me passion does not need a purpose and photography is my passion, with this art I feels like a storyteller who captures and relish moments life-long”.

Advance Level 2
“FTP helps me get my freedom to express emotions through photography”

Santosh (Lucknow)
Pursuing Diploma Course
“Ftp’s friendly environment and more of practical lessons, didn’t bore me”

Angha (Mumbai)
Advance Level 1
“FTP is a superb mix of professionalism and personal harmony with mentors going an extra mile to teach. It’s a gateway of continuous learning and opportunities with personalized attention and I am glad to be under Ftp umbrella.”

Mariam (Mumbai)
Pursuing Diploma Course
“FTP didn’t charm me with fascinating jargon instead told about learning on fast track basis and under a well experienced professional mentor. FTP made me understand that art has no price tags!”

Basic Course
“I love Viraj sir’s calmness and composure while teaching”.

Advance Level 1
“FTP fulfilled my desire to learn the art of capturing the people and places through my camera lens.”

Amit (Kashmir)
“Mentor is the best commercial fashion photographer and therefore I gained a lot of practical knowledge and his feedback to all my assignments have really enhanced my work. He guided me with real life examples and what the industry standards are all about. Joining FTP was the best decision for me.”

Advance Level 1
“I will recommend FTP courses to all, who wants to take photography seriously. Its in-depth knowledge and lessons really helped me photography as a career.

Advance Level 2
“I will recommend this course to aspiring photographers, it’s just worth it. It has changed my life. Due to this course, I have gained confidence and knowledge to open my own studio. Immediately after this course I have started earning and have secured a number of future assignments. FTP is the best photography class in Mumbai.”

Sarthak (Delhi)
Advance Level 1
FTP is top photography class for me in Mumbai or rather in India. It is the best teaching Centre. I would recommend FTP to all the students wishing to learn or take up photography. I am really happy to learn photography at FTP.

Gopinath (Bangalore)
FTP gave me the opportunity to explore my photography skills and taught me to implement my photography skills.


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