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FTP comprises of highly-trained professional mentors. They are always there to teach you and back you up with all your difficulties and queries. Our approach is student-centric with active and critical learning. Our courses are presented in a peaceful and amiable atmosphere with each student being involved, encouraged for interactions and feedback. Mentors are being approachable and ready to clear all you doubts.

Viraj S.

Lead Faculty ( Fashion, Advertising, Portraiture Photography )

A leading fashion, celebrity and commercial photographer. He graduated in applied arts and later studied marketing and branding.

His journey embarked by working in Leo Burnett which is one of the leading Ad agencies in the world. He has worked with various Bollywood celebrities including R.Madhavan, Gauhar Khan, Taapsee Pannu , Sonu Sood , Karan Johar ,Divya Kholsa Kumar, Sonali Kulkarni, Tushaar Kapoor, Rohit Shetty, etc. and also with some of the legendary stars like Rekhaji, Dharmendra , Hema Malini. He has worked with brands like ITC, Mahindra and Mahindra, Coca Cola, Tata, Mc Donald,3M, Larsen and Turbo etc.

He is well- experienced with ocean full of knowledge, a humble teacher with down to earth and friendly attitude .He has contagious energy that drives a student’s passion towards photography. He is well focused and keeps mastering the art of photography of creativity. His love and passion for photography can intrigue any student. He helps you understand any term with ease and also simplify it at times to match the student’s level. His pictures are worth spending time seeing, with each picture an absolute aristocratic piece. For FTP students, he is an inspiration to look up to, the way he works is what aspires them to become one such photographer.

He instills the diligence of hard work which only few have and being open to suggestions is what makes student talk to him. His professionalism marks his creativity and zest towards photography.

Sachin Maurya

Senior Faculty (Travel, Product Photography)

A cool-minded and well-focused team-binding teacher who is graduate in chemistry.

Gradually he developed an interest in photography. Which led him to switch from business to a full time professional photographer. He had an aim that photography should reach most amount of people and teaching made him do so apart from his commercial photography assignments. He teaches students the most practical and simplest ways of photography fundamentals.

His various inputs during commercial product photography is helpful to gain knowledge. Students generally are open to him with various kinds of doubts they have towards their subject .He helps them create a non-judgmental perspective and make them understand how necessary it is to connect with your subject.

Adrian Rodriques

Faculty (Wedding, Candid Photography)

The richness of candid, wedding photography is all expertise by him. More than 100 wedding assignments have been added to his art.

He has graduated in applied arts with majors in photography .His photography skills to capture the candid moments in different frames is exclusively fascinating.

Capturing the unexpected moments and making it relish people is a true bliss. He has his own style of teaching which makes student think out of the box.

His aim to not just click pictures but to convey emotions through it, is an incredible way to feel happy within and let your subject be contended with it. His youth filled energy connects with students and makes learning wonderful.

Saurabh Kumar

Guest faculty (Travel, Street, Nature photography)

He has won various national and international awards in the photography field. He has also been nominated as Top 10 most Influential People in Photography by Asian photography magazine 2018.

His pictures are showcased on national geographic. He specializes in travel, street and nature photography with tremendous efforts into his shoots. An expertise in his own way with his pictures depicting his style of art.

Creating moments for him are priceless. His art is appreciated and recognizable which inspires others too. He has two mission in life to see India and to make every camera owner a great photographer.

Ben Zander Moller

International guest faculty (Fashion, Portraiture and Editorial Photography)

Ben is a professional international photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand. He specializes in fashion and commercial photography in general, portraiture and various social change projects. He is the creative director of raw productions company.

He persists an amazing blend of art, enhancing it with an artistic eye.

His exhilarating approach towards photography with exquisite skills inhabiting into students about the importance of detailing of each picture is flawless. His polished pictures depicting each sentiment, is unmatchable. When students who get the freedom to craft their pictures, each and every attribute of his work is implanted in their photograph.

Himanshu Tandel

Faculty (Editing)

Himanshu is a Computer Engineering graduate. He is extremely passionate about photography. A tech savvy individual who is always well updated with ongoing trends and software technology, his post processing skills as well as fluency in latest software’s are remarkable. An innovative and enthusiastic person who makes sure the students learn to deal with not just photography but also the art of 'creating' a perfect picture after clicking the photograph. We appreciate his value addition in our courses.


Guest faculty (wildlife and nature photographer)

A Mechanical Engineer by profession, Srinivas has spent over a decade in the corporate world but his heart was captured by nature and wildlife; which soon turned him into a professional photographer. He has leveraged good photography knowledge with acquired on-field craft skills. His patience to wait for the photogenic beasts and getting that perfect picture is what makes him click! Tigers and Elephants are his most loved subjects. His zeal to teach students is endless and his photography style is looked up to by many students. His love for wildlife photography and fascination towards the subject is enhanced by virtue of not knowing the animal’s next move is what intrigues him!


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