Some are born and some are made. If you dream to become a Professional Photographer & work in the Showbiz, a million dollar industry, then FTP is a one Stop Solution for you. We, Top Photography Institute in Mumbai has helped in transforming thousands of ameteur to a certified professional and make their mark in the field.

FTP brings to you an extensive Master Diploma course in photography for those who want to dedicate Full Time to Photography & adopt it as an earning path. The most important thing for a professional photographer is a portfolio of work that shows a wide range of conceptual and technical expertise. These are skills students will gain in our Master Diploma.

In this photography course, we emphasise on Advertising Photography Course, Product Photography Course,Fashion Photography Course & Model Portfolio Photography Course, areas which are high in demand in this contemporary times. Students will get In Depth technical and commercial knowledge with hands-on practical training with Industry's experience mentors. Students will have the added benefit of assisting on live locations with models and celebrities understanding day to day challenges and getting an insight of the glam world.

Not just this , in our extensive course, you will learn the details of Wildlife Photography Course, Food Photography Course, Wedding Photography Course, Event Photography, Travel Photography, Maternity & Kids Photography Course from the best mentors in the business.

FTP is with you at every step during your course. Students will be given timely opportunities to present their work to their mentors and get one on one evaluation. After successful completion, you'll be confident to work with advertising agencies, celebrities and can get jobs in production houses and turn your love of photography into a full time career.

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  • Career in Advertising Photography
  • Career as Celebrity Photographer
  • Creative Product Packaging Photography
  • High Fashion / Editorial Photography
  • Career in Food Photography
  • Career in Fashion Photography
  • Career in Model Portfolio Photography
  • Career in Maternity & Kids Photography
  • Career in Model Portfolio Photography
  • Career in Wedding/Event Photography
  • Career in Wildlife, Travel & Nature Photography
  • Career in Photojournalism


Semester 1


Learn the Fundamentals of Photography and make your foundation strong. Begin your photography journey with basic & core creative and technical skills sets.

  • Intro to Photography
  • Types of Cameras and understanding Camera Specifications
  • Exposure
  • Dos and Don’ts in Photography
  • Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture, Focusing, White Balance, Depth of Field.
  • Raw & JPEG
  • Composition
  • Using metering Modes
  • Outdoor photography
  • Test and Review of Assignment

Advance Camera Artist effects

  • Light Painting effects: play with lights to create abstract images and explore the artist in you .
  • Creating Bokeh Backgrounds : Learn to create portraits with a bokeh background, learn the Japanese art of creating bokeh effects.

Event & Candid Photography

  • Wedding / Events / Family Portraiture
  • Become a Pro, Learn and understand the wedding commercials, workflow, shooting techniques, and delivery of quality images.
  • Candid Photography - A picture can speak more than words. We will teach you how to tell stories through your pictures, and learn the documentary style of creating photos.
  • Understand In Depth how and why to use right gear and how to develop a creative perspective for capturing a beautiful moment.
  • Learn & Practise All the essential Skill Sets that can make you Unique.
  • The students get an opportunity here to assist live shoots with our mentors. Our classrooms are not limited to our premises but we will guide in the actual work environment too.

Portrait / Portfolio Lighting Setup

  • This module will Take your Studio Light Understanding on a Deeper Level. You will be taught how to go about directing & controlling lights that can create dramatic lights effects.
  • Starting with the most Classical Lighting Technique Rembrandt style , we will teach you step by step how to create advanced dramatic lighting effects using the right techniques for Portraits and Portfolios Shoots.
  • Our learning Studio is highly equipped with Studio Lights, Soft Banks, Light Modifies and other accessories that are necessary to create stunning light effects.
  • Learn how to shoot male & female portfolios using Advanced Studio lighting Skills . Understanding the various aspects and requirements of clients involved in a portfolio.
  • Learn how to communicate and direct model posing, coordinate with makeup artists, and stylist. Learn how to shoot different people and different faces and make them look good. At the end of this module learn how to create stylized images.

WildLife Photography

  • Learn the art of capturing the wild side of Nature. We not only teach you about the Gears & Settings but also about the real attitude required to pursue wildlife photography.
  • The Faculties for wildlife photography share their experiences and teach you on ground skills which are essential to capture the best moments of Wildlife.

Kids Photography

  • How to position your subject indoors and outdoors for the best lighting.
  • Posing ideas for teens and younger children.
  • How to choose the right camera settings for more attractive, professional-looking kids portraits.
  • The best types of lenses for kids portrait photography (for DSLR users).
  • DIfferent Background ideas with Studio lighting setup
  • How to edit your kids portraits in Adobe Lightroom.

E-commerce Photography

  • Learn to shoot model on white background
  • learn to shoot product using Professional tent
  • Learn and how to do lighting setup for ecommerce shoots
  • know the techniques for colour accuracy and detailing.
  • understand how to work with professional model on sets
  • learn to retouch photos and produce professional output

Semester 2

Fashion photography

  • A comprehensive study of advanced traditional and contemporary portrait techniques.
  • Learn how to work with a team of makeup Artist & Lighting Crew
  • Corrective and glamorous make-up.
  • Classical lighting setups.
  • Fashion lighting setups.
  • Use of backgrounds.
  • Posing and directing techniques.
  • This module provides an overview of the fashion photography industry.
  • The theory/practical of collaborative work among a design team will be executed.
  • Skin Editing & Retouching Technique
  • Live shoot with Models on Professional Equipment
  • Features a mock ad campaign shoot demo featuring traditional/contemporary fashion wear.

Food Photography

  • What is food photography
  • Challenges of Food Photography
  • A session of basics of photography with core concepts like Aperture, Shutter Speed, Depth of field lights etc. covered
  • Composition techniques
  • Different Angles to click food , advance lighting setups creating different moods.
  • Best equipment for Food photography
  • Tricks learned over years of food photography by the mentors
  • Practice session

Semester 3

Creative Product Photography

  • To create eye-catching imagery, you’ll need to understand the various principles of photography.
  • Choose natural light or artificial light.
  • Equipment and Props needed for Product shoot.
  • Styling your product & Setting up your shot
  • Editing your product photos
  • Take inspiration from brands you love

Advertising Photography

  • Role of photographer and visual concept in advertising and branding
  • how photographer works in marketing / advertising team to create creative ad campaign
  • Learning the shooting process from planning till post production
  • how to visualise creative concepts for brands and create visually appealing images.
  • different types of advertising media and ad styles.
  • learning how to setup advance lighting on large sets
  • How to work with celebrities.
  • learning the fundamentals of design, text and layouting
  • shooting practically with mentor and create your own ad campaigns
  • reviewing your assignments with mentor and get a professional feedback
  • The 5 M's of advertising

High Fashion Editorials

  • working on brief and objectives of magazine
  • planning the theme of shoots
  • Learn how to shoot high fashion and beauty shots with models.
  • how to work with models and brief the entire team on set which included make up artists , lighting assistants , camera assistant , art director etc.
  • do's and don'ts of editing and retouching

Photography marketing

Marketing is most needed in today’s competitive world. From the basic work flow to the skill of cracking a commercial deal, we teach you step by step toward the talent of being a professional photographer. We teach you the basics of marketing and methods to create your own niche in the photography industry.

Advance Editing Software

In depth hands on training on the practical usage of Digital Imaging software viz. Adobe Photoshop, Genuine practical’s, etc. Fundamentals to in-depth working.

Learn resizing & cropping, Touch ups & Clean up, enhancing image Using Curves, Colour corrections.
  • Learn how to do Background Morphing.
  • Working with Photoshop layers & layer masks like a pro.
  • Enhance your portraits by skin smoothing technique
  • Export the learn in different formats and understand the pre requisites of Good Printing Quality Outputs.


  • 7 Projects will be allocated over the period of course.


  • Become a specialised photographer in advertising industry
  • Brand new practical Syllabus
  • Learn Latest Equipment
  • Learn Under Guidance of Professional Faculty & Develop your own portfolio
At the end of course, Students acquire the professional skills to become a commercial photographer to acquire big budget advertising , Celebrity & Fashion shoots .Photographers can also undertake other shoots like kids, food & product.


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