Time : 11:00AM To 1:00PM or 3:30PM To 5:30PM

Batch 1

Batch Start Date : 15th May 2022

Admission Last Date : 7th May 2022

Batch 2

Batch Start Date : 2nd June 2022

Admission Last Date : 24th May 2022


Time : 16:30PM to 8:30PM & 10:30AM to 12:30PM

Batch 1

Batch Start Date : Date:30th April 2022

Admission Last Date : 24th April 2022

Batch 2

Batch Start Date : 14th May 2022

Admission Last Date : 7th May 2022

Weekend : Saturday & Sunday

Time : 6:30PM to 8:30PM & 10:30AM To 12:30PM

Course Outline:

" Filmmaking is a profound means of communication to deliver the best!"

The film making course at FTP is comprehensively equipped and to conduct professional training that teacher multiple facets of filmmaking. The course is desgined for students who not only wants to learn film direction but also wish to acquire special skills in sound, editing, cinematography and production.

We ensure that students not only learn the theortical aesthetics but also the most of practical trainings to implement further in their life. Today filmmaking is a boom in the industry and each one needs to be rightly trained to use their creative capability . At FTP we aim that a students achieve the role of being an excellent filmmaker.


  • Understanding Script/Screenplay.
  • Film Genres & Terminologies,
  • (3--‐Act Structure) in script writing.
  • Understanding screenplay format with Graphs
  • Converting concepts to stories & stories to screenplay(Scene wise Treatment)
  • Dialogues writing
  • Shooting Script & Story boarding
  • Practical (writing a scene with 2 characters)


  • Basic grammar of direction
  • converting screenplay into direction (practical)
  • preparing direction charts (costume chart, single line order, call sheets)
  • Craft of direction, directing actors.
  • Types of shots/use & importance of clapboard scheduling
  • preparing shooting script
  • Practical (shooting a scene with 2 characters)

DSLR videography

  • understanding camera basics
  • stops/shutter speed, types of lenses, color temperature basics
  • Compositions & camera movements
  • Operation of camera
  • 3 point lighting.
  • Practical (shooting a scene with 3characters)


  • Basic theory & introduction to editing software.
  • Basics of editing with demo practical
  • Editing scene- demo titles, transitions, audio
  • advanced editing (video effects/animation in editing)
  • Output in different formats
  • Practical (editing a scene with 2 characters)


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