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10th April Admission Open

“The priceless moment is the charm of photography, Let your eyes be like shutter and your mind like a lense.”

Have you ever thought to step up and transform your hobby into a profession? The objective is to provide students, professional training in photography. It is an artistic course of study that offers practical experience as well as cultural and technical knowledge that students apply in various areas of photography.

Course Content:

  • Fundamental Lessons
  • Intro to DSLR Camera and understanding the how to handle in a camera right way.
  • Lens and types of lens and their respective uses for different genres
  • Exposure Fundamentals - aperture , shutter speed and ISO
  • Shooting on Manual Mode
  • Focusing methods, techniques, limitations
  • White Balance, Drive Mode, AF MODES, Picture Styles
  • Tips & guidance for Shooting Travel, Landscapes, Portraits, Street, Architecture, Moving subjects and Night Scenes.
  • Creative aspects of Photo Composition

Advance Camera Artist effects

  • Light Painting effects: play with lights to create abstract images and explore the artist in you.
  • Shot Panting: Capturing techniques for moving subjects: learn to freeze the moving subjects with dramatizing motion blur background.
  • HDR Photography - create stunning architectural and interior images with great dynamic image details. Learn to Use the right gear & post editing skills for same.
  • Panorama Photography - Stitch your exposures together to create a 180 degree shot. Explore the world in wide angle view!
  • Creating Bokeh Backgrounds: Learn to create portraits with bokeh background, learn the Japanese art of creating bokeh effect.
  • Creating LIGHT ORBs: Did you ever imagined a magical & Mystical Light ORBs in middle of lovely landscape or Streets at night. Learn to play with light and exposure to create magical effects.

Candid Photography

  • A picture can speak more than words. We will teach you how to tell stories through your pictures, learn the documentary style of creating photos.
  • Understand In Depth how & why to use right gear and how to develop a creative perspective for capturing a beautiful moment.
  • Learn & Practice All the essential Skillsets that can make you a UNIQUE CANDID PHOTOGRAPHER

Wedding / Events / Family Portraiture

  • Become a Pro, Learn and understand the wedding commercials, workflow, shooting techniques, and delivery of quality images.
  • Learn the art of capturing people in different Light environment Using Flash, reflectors, studio lights and ETTL Flash lights.
  • The students get an opportunity here to assist live shoots with our mentors. Our classrooms is not limited to our premises but we will guide in actual work environment too.

Advance Studio Lighting

  • This module will take your Studio Light Understanding on a Deeper Level. You will be taught how to go about directing & controlling lights that can create dramatic lights effects.
  • Starting the exercises from the most Classical Lighting Technique Rembrandt style, we will teach you step by step how to create advance dramatic lighting effects using right techniques for Portraits and Portfolios Shoots.
  • Our learning Studio is highly equipped with Studio Lights, Soft Banks, Light Modifies and other accessories that is necessary to create stunning light effects.

Wild Life Photography

  • Learn the art of capturing the wild side of Nature. We not only teach you about the Gears & Settings but they also about real attitude required to pursue wildlife photography.
  • The Faculties for wild life photography share their experiences and teach you on ground skills which are essential to capture the best moments of Wildlife.

Portfolio Photography

  • Learn how to shoots male & female portfolio using Advance Studio lighting Skills. Understanding the various aspects and requirements of clients involved in a portfolio
  • Learn how to communicate and direct model posing, coordinate with makeup artist, and stylist. Learn how to shoot different people and different faces and make them look good.
  • At the end of this module learn how to create stylized images.

Product Photography

  • Learn how to shoot No shadow clean images in table top photography for ecommerce trading. Understanding the commercial aspects, times process and techniques to shoot Matte finish & Reflective Products. Learn how to accurate reproduce colors which match the product look.
  • Our expert faculties will guide you right from scratch and make you work on going live shoots.
  • Here, we will also introduce students to the basics of creative table top photography which includes food and lifestyle shots.

Advanced Editing

  • Learn resizing & cropping, Touch ups & Clean up, enhancing image Using Curves, Color corrections.
  • Learn how to do Background Morphing.
  • Working with Photoshop layers & layer masks like a pro.
  • Enhance your portraits by skin smoothening technique.
  • Export to learn in different formats and understand the pre requisites of Good Printing Quality Outputs.
  • The course trains students to become immediately competitive in the Job Market.
  • They will be able to work on commercial assignments such as Model portfolios, Wedding & Events, Ecommerce product shoots, Family shoots (kids / couples / maternity), etc.


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