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27th March
10th April Admission Open

“Photography is the only language, that can be understood anywhere in the world.”

Tune your Photography hobby further! While being a passionate Artist explore your professional side too. . The course develops artistic capacity while learning and exploring the art of photography. Studying creative themes, latest practices, and in-depth knowledge with strong foundation of lessons.

Course Content:

  • Fundamental Lessons
  • Intro to DSLR Camera and understanding the how to handle in a camera right way.
  • Lens and types of lens and their respective uses for different genres
  • Exposure Fundamentals - aperture , shutter speed and ISO
  • Shooting on Manual Mode
  • Focusing methods, techniques, limitations
  • White Balance, Drive Mode, AF MODES, Picture Styles
  • Tips & guidance for Shooting Travel, Landscapes, Portraits, Street, Architecture, Moving subjects and Night Scenes.
  • Creative aspects of Photo Composition

Advance Camera Artist effects

  • Fundamental Lessons
  • Light Painting effects: play with lights to create abstract images and explore the artist in you
  • Shot Panning: Capturing techniques for moving subjects: learn to freeze the moving subjects with dramatizing motion blur background.
  • HDR Photography: create stunning architectural and interior images with great dynamic image details. Learn to Use the right gear & post editing skills for same.
  • Panorama Photography: Stitch your exposures together to create a 180 degree shot. Explore the world in wide angle view!
  • Creating Bokeh Backgrounds: Learn to create portraits with bokeh background, learn the Japanese art of creating bokeh effect.
  • Creating LIGHT ORBs: Did you ever imagined a magical & Mystical Light ORBs in middle of lovely landscape or Streets at night. Learn to play with light and exposure to create magical effects.

Candid Photography

  • A picture can speak more than words. We will teach you how to tell stories through your pictures, learn the documentary style of creating photos.
  • Understand In Depth how and why to use right gear and how to develop a creative perspective for capturing a beautiful moment.
  • Learn & Practice all the essential Skillsets that can make you a UNIQUE.

CANDID photography

  • Wedding / Events / Family Portraiture : Learn the art of capturing people in different Light environment Using Flash, reflectors, studio lights

Studio Lighting Basics

  • Learn the Basic of Lighting fundamentals. Understand how lights plays an important role in creation of engaging & dramatic portraits.
  • This course will introduce you to studio Flash lights, use of Light Modifiers & Diffusers. Building a basic Lighting Setup using Key & Fill Light, Controlling lights using Histogram & other various techniques.

Editing Essentials

  • Images resizing & cropping, Touch ups & Clean ups, enhancing image Using Curves, Color corrections, working on multiples images of events, creating presets, creating watermark. Exporting files to different formats.

After the course completion students will be capable to take up commercial assignments on wedding photography (pre wedding / candid’s), Family shoots (kids/ maternity), Interiors / architectural shoots and also establish themselves confidently as keen, talented photographers.


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